Applying OnePlus 8T Design Guide
Applying OnePlus Web Design Guide
Creative design under the premise of following two guidelines


The original website design guideline of OnePlus and the overall visual design guideline of OnePlus 8T had differences in all visual elements, including alignment, proportion, and ratio. The big challenge was how to minimize the visual gap between these two guidelines. While narrowing the visual gap, the OnePlus 8T had to be subordinate to the OnePlus brand, and at the same time, delivering the product highlights of the OnePlus 8T to users visually and intuitively was the second biggest challenge.


Basically, overall tone and manner follows the OnePlus 8T campaign. The color, proportion, and ratio follow the campaign design guidelines, and the layout basically keeps the design guidelines of the brand homepage as much as possible. Find the best agreement between these two guidelines to maintain the brand image and build up the product.


All content designs are produced based on a consistent, clear, and easily recognizable visual system, such as campaign guidelines, and reinterpreted, adjusted, and updated according to the characteristics and needs of each content. The relationship between the brand and the product must be clearly visible, and at the same time, the product's highlight must be highlighted.